Please adhere to the following cart usage rules at CCN:


                       1.     Pay for cart before your round

                       2.     Single riders are allowed in threesomes, otherwise please pair up.

                       3.     90 degree rule, please!

                       4.     Stay on path on all par three’s

                       5.     Keep cart on path within 30 yards of greens

                       6.     Keep all four tires on path around teeing areas

                       7.     Use sand provided to fill divots in fairways

                       8.     Stay out of the woods

                       9.     Do not drive carts behind greens

                     10.     Please avoid wet areas, creeks, and pond edges


                     11.     Please refrain from allowing children under 15 and or no valid drivers

                               license from driving the carts! Children 15 & over riding on a golf cart

                               must pay cart fees!


                                                                         Thank you!



CCN Dress Code


Shirts with collars or appropriate mock golf shirts required for men

No tank tops

No tee shirts with or without design

No cut off pants

No short shorts or tennis shorts

No sweat pants - long or short

Ladies - No tank tops, halter tops, or short shorts


Please remember these rules are for members and guests or they will not be allowed to play.


Newberry College students & faculty!!! Bring your college ID and play 18 holes of golf for $26.00 or 9 holes for $16.00.