Hosting Your Country Club of Newberry Golf Tournament


2019 Tournaments:


March 23, 2019  Whitmire Booster Tournament

March 26, 2019  2018 Veteran's Tournament

April 10, 2019  Glenn Bledsoe Tournament

April 18, 2019    SC Senior One Day Tournament

April 20, 2019   Wightman Church Tournament

April 26,2019   Newberry College- Mike Hold Tournament

April 27, 2019   Chester Men's Group 

May 3, 2019     Columbia Elec. Tournament

May 10, 2019    Newberry Fire Department Tournament

May 11, 2019    Earl Graham Tournament

May 17-19,2019  CCN Member-Member/Member-Guest 

May 20, 2019    NEC Tournament

June 15, 2019     Golfing for Donnie & Kody 

June 18, 2019    Carolinas Golf Association Quailfier

June 22, 2019   Strokes to Strokes Tournament

June 28, 2019   Komatsu Fund Raiser Tournament 

July 15,2019      APG Senior Tournament

July 8-28, 2019  CCN Club Championship 

Aug. 3, 2019      NHS Booster Club Tournament     

Aug. 9-11, 2019   CCN Member- Member

Aug.13, 2019     Palmetto Senior Golf Tourn. 

Aug. 24, 2019    CCN Nite Lite Tournament

Aug. 27,2019     Central State Seniors

Sept. 20, 2019   Newberry Cororner Tournament 

Oct. 3, 2019      Smith Memorial Tournament

Oct. 5, 2019    NC Lacrosse Tournament

Oct. 15, 2019   SC Senior One Day Tournament

Oct. 17, 2019   NCMH Tournament

Oct. 25, 2019    NC Track & Field Tournament

Oct. 24, 2019   Midlands Senior Bash

Oct. 26, 2019   Whitmire Presbyterian Church Tournament

Oct. 30,2019   Chamber of Commerce

Nov. 11, 2019   Veteran's Tournament






Choose CC of Newberry as the location of your next golf event. From the moment you begin coordination until the final award is handed out, we are here to serve you. Whether you plan to hold a large corporate or charity event, or just a group of 12 on a golf getaway, we desire to ensure your complete satisfaction. Email for more information.  

Experience South Carolina Golf

Country Club of Newberry combines a great golf experience with the unmatched beauty of the Newberry Landscape. Our seamless integration of friendly service and gorgeous natural surroundings is what will bring your group back year after year. Your guests are sure to enjoy the hospitality of our staff along with the graceful beauty of our facility.

The Tradition Lives On

Each year CC of Newberry entertains numerous private groups and organizations. Regardless of the size of the group or the reason for their golf event, our staff works diligently to make their golf outing a success. Explore your options with CC of Newberry and experience what has made our golf course one of South Carolina's best.